Character Design Lecture

Terada Katsuya x Kim Jung Gi

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Recap of Character Design Lecture

July 13th 2019 | JANM | Los Angeles

Terada Katsuya

Terada San (Rakugking "Doodle King") will take you on an exciting creative journey showing you how he creates a compelling character purely from imagination

Kim Jung Gi

Kim will be covering many facets of the design process including his personal design and development process in creating memorable characters with unique shapes and personalities.

Your Instructor

Kim Jung Gi
Kim Jung Gi

Kim Jung Gi is an established artist from South Korea whose artwork has attracted international attention. Working from memory, Kim has the rare ability to visualize drawings beforehand, creating incredible illustrations without reference in record time. As an illustrator and influencer, Kim's work, firmly rooted in pop culture, is well loved and admired across the United States.

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