Character Design with John Polidora

Senior Character Designer at Riot Games

Let's Talk About Character Design

Are you an Overwatch fan? You've probably seen John's work before, even if you didn't realize it the time. In this workshop, John will share his thought process behind character development.

What will I learn
  • How to Plan and Organize Your Thoughts
  • How to Iterate Within Scope and Time Limitations

  • How to Modulate and Balance Multiple Themes Within Design Work

    What’s included
    • On-Demand video

    • Access on mobile and TV

    Your Instructor

    John Polidora
    John Polidora

    John Polidora is an illustrator, character designer, visual development artist, and concept artist. John started his career at Konami and worked at Blizzard for 11 years. At Blizzard, he spent a heavy amount of time doing visual development art and character design for the company. Currently, he works as a Senior Character Designer at Riot Games working on secret things.

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