Intro to perspective

The ideal perspective course for beginning and advanced artists

Learning perspective can be overwhelming. In reality, the majority of students find perspective difficult and not the most enjoyable subject to acquire. Using perspective theory, you will learn how to draw a simple cup, figure, and illustrative scene in this tutorial.

Dong Ho provides a straightforward, step-by-step guide to drawing in perspective, including how to apply simple perspective theory to complex scenes. To get the most out of this informative lesson, we strongly suggest pausing the video and performing the exercises and experiments in front of a screen.

What will I learn
  • Basic perspective
  • Vanishing point & Eye Level

  • Scale & Elevation

  • 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective
  • How to use everyday object as a exercise material

  • How to create a scene using multiple perspectives

    What’s included
    • 1080 High-Definition Video

    • Three year access

    • Access on mobile and TV

    Your Instructor

    DongHo Kim
    DongHo Kim
    Dong Ho Kim is a member of the Superani Team and a Seoul-based artist. He is a former student of Kim Jung Gi and is presently an instructor, live-drawing artist, and author of multiple books published by Superani.
    Urbank Sketch Volume 1, Urbank Sketch Volume 2, Urbank Sketch Volume 3, New York: Sketch Collection, and Spacek Drawing: Perspective are some of his works.(Link to publications)
    Dong Ho Kim has taught students for over a decade and has written a book on the basic perspective that is geared toward students who are just beginning to sketch or intermediate-level students who desire to learn perspective theory in a more adaptable manner. Through the exclusive course offered by Kazone Art Online, he will share his creative thought process, methods, and techniques for working with a traditional medium.

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