How to Draw Figures in Perspective

Kim Jung Gi Lecture Series #1

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Learn Master Kim's working methods and thought process

Kim Jung Gi's work seems spontaneous with no sketch or reference to look at, but a lot of preparation is required. He said He needs a background knowledge of the topic since a work reflects how prepared an artist is. "To complete one drawing, comprehensive background knowledge is a prerequisite" he said.

What will I learn
  • Kim's drawing techniques and thought process
  • Human Anatomy (Face/Skull, Facial Features, Torso)

  • Perspective & Composition

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    Kim Jung Gi
    Kim Jung Gi

    Kim Jung Gi is an established artist from South Korea whose artwork has attracted international attention. Working from memory, Kim has the rare ability to visualize drawings beforehand, creating incredible illustrations without reference in record time. As an illustrator and influencer, Kim's work, firmly rooted in pop culture, is well loved and admired across the United States.

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    His visual memory and ability to conjure complex scenes without references or initial sketches is masterful and mind boggling.


    " Kim Jung Gi is one of those rare illustrator that can conjure up any scene he wants out of thin air, without any sketching and in record time. There are no tricks here, just an amazing visual memory, raw imagination, and a perfect command of the medium."


    " South Korean illustrator has already achieved global recognition thanks to his characterful and realistic sketches... Jung Gi's grasp of anatomy and form is breathtaking - he draws a near-perfect oval in one take for crying out loud!"