How to Draw Hands

Hyun Jin Kim Lecture Series #2

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Learn from instructor who taught Superani Artists

Learning how to draw hands can be difficult. In fact, most artist find drawing hands to be a challenge. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to draw most complex and amazing piece of anatomy. Hyun Jin shares his simple step-by-step guide to drawing hands, including how to breakdown the forms of the hand into simple shapes.

What will I learn
  • Anatomy of the Hand
  • The Golden Ratio in the Human Hand

  • Features that Make Realistic Hands

  • The Movements of the Hand
  • How to Breakdown the Forms of the Hand Into Simple Shapes

  • How to Draw a Realistic Fingernail

    What’s included
    • 1080 High-Definition Video

    • Three year access

    • Access on mobile and TV

    Your Instructor

    Hyun Jin Kim
    Hyun Jin Kim

    Hyun Jin Kim is a renowned art instructor, illustrator, and painter. He is the founder of Superani and established AniChanga art school in Korea as a resource for art students wishing to improve their drawing skills. Hyun Jin’s approach to teaching drawing has become the standard for Superani artists.

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