Visual Communication with Nathan Cooke

Visual Communication

Every artist's dream is to draw their imagination. In this course, Nathan will cover sketching, perspectives, communications, and building muscle memory to draw the fundamentals. This is a perfect prerequisite course to learn freehand drawing skills with a basic perspective. It is a great starting point to draw simple geometry to various organic shape. Nathan is an Industrial Designer and instructor at Art Center College of Design since 2016.

What will I learn
  • Warm Up Excercise Tips
  • One-Point and Two-Point Perspective

  • How to Draw Cube, Cylinder, and Cone in Perspective

  • How to Draw an Organic and Hard Surface Object Using Contour Lines

    What’s included
    • On-Demand video

    • Access on mobile and TV

    Your Instructor

    Nathan Cooke
    Nathan Cooke

    Nathan Cooke is an idealist who uses design to work with others and create a tangible effect on people’s lives. Nathan currently teaches at Art Center College of Design and Kazone Art. In addition, Nathan is the Co-Founder and Product Developer for Sanergy, a start-up in Nairobi, Kenya providing sanitation in the slums.

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